April 27, 2011

Closing time

My first real exhibition of my latest work is finished. I enjoyed all the comments and thoughts of my visitors through different channels. It tastes very good and surely I want to go on with it!
Very soon more news :)

April 26, 2011

French inspiration

Some days like GOD in France. Four hours driving from our home but yet enough to pick up another atmosphere and new inspiration to go on drawing and living. Many tastes! Rapeseed-fields, little strong coffees, old wooden cities, fresh milk from the farmers who offered us some hectares for our small stitched house, chocolate easter-bunnies for breakfast, limon pie in the afternoon and the smell of fresh water with frogs croaking around. Only 4 days in a lifetime...but enough to give me energy for centuries!
x Kathy

*** The music you can hear while watching the pics is from Gustavo Santaolalla : an Argentinan composer famous for his soundtracks from The Motorcycle Diaries, Babel and more. I saw him performing last year here in Ghent...and truly a very honest person drived by an enormous passion for sound and the 'Charango'!
He is an absolutely genius and while camping in the field, listening to his music I could cry from happiness ♥

April 22, 2011

Wish you all...

My little birds in the living room...hanged them for Christmas...but they can fly all year long, so even with easter!! Bought them in Amsterdam in a little shop named TIKAL, with all gifts mostly from Mexico. Dalí is preparing himself for some days af lazyness :) and wish you all a deserved and loooong weekend full of crazy life-things ;) x Kathy

April 21, 2011

Forgive and forget

We were playing in the garden. Suddenly something changed into his little cat-mind. He scratched me several times,in my leg, in my arm, without any reason. He was like imagining that I was one of those cats who walk into his garden everyday and are trying to reach the kitchen to steal his food.
Crazy naughty boy!

April 20, 2011


She loves him and would do anything for him! This was my daydream...:)
For sure we are looking forward to find a perfect little spot in the north of France for our tent.
Reading, playing guitar, swimming, fresh breakfasts into the nature and cosey nights into our little stitched house! Sounds like summer and still april!

April 18, 2011

Preparing to send

Taking my time to decorate my mail for the two winners of the Giveaway, Keanne and Maja (Skorcica). Thinking about my Etsy shop that will be born in the beginning of may...I will love to send out my things and creations. Such a wonderful feeling they will live in another atmosphere.
♥ It's the sunny weather that is driving my crazy I guess. ENJOY!
btw! DISCOVER the heart-nuts in the last picture...a little gift from Dounia and Nisrine, two lovely girls who came to visit my expo and made these treasures for me. They have a very creative mum, Ilse, who is a photographer and since a while a blogger too :)

April 17, 2011

Some drink and food!

A toast on Sunday for a new adventure that started last week and from wich I present you a sneak peak down here. Curious about wich tasty drink I prepared? Mix 5cl Cointreau, 3cl Cranberry juice or better sirop! and 2cl lemon juice & some ice! mmmmmm ♥

April 16, 2011

Drawing again!

After all the preparations for my exhibition and giveaway and weeks full of nerves I can look back with a pleasant feeling and time has come to take my pencil again and go back to basics. Me, my righthand, my imagination...and of course my Dalí! Do you wonder why I love drawing cats? Artists and cats...still fascinating me! One of my biggest heroes is surely Gustav Klimt. You know the touching photo of Klimt and his cat? Love that image! Artists and cats...they feed eachother all day long! ♥

April 15, 2011

And the winners are...

Find out by watching my little movie with our little star Helena who are the winners from my Giveaway. The print goes to the first name, the tote bag to the second one!
Enjoy watching Helena (the little daughter of my loveley neighbours!) in her hand-made cardboard house picking out the names! And time again to draw and start on a blank paper with a new brush! Thanks again and here we go! MUSIC BY : BIBIO Ontdek de 2 winnaars in dit kleine filmpje met onze ster Helena in de hoofdrol. De print gaat naar de eerste winnaar, de draagtas naar de tweede naam. Geniet van dat fijne moment met Helena (het dochtjertje van onze lieve buren) in haar handgemaakte kartonnen huis op zoek naar de winnaars. En nu is het tijd om terug te tekenen. Een nieuw vel, een vers penseeltje! Nogmaals heel veel dank om deel te nemen en daar gaan we!

April 12, 2011

Thank you!

Thank you so much for every comment and all those inspiring thoughts about what spring can be or just IS! I enjoyed it very much to hear from you what I feel also these time of the year! In two days you will get to know right here who are the two winners! See you friday back! All the participants you can find down this post.WISH YOU ALL THE LUCK! Dank je voor alle fijne reacties, ongewone rijmende lente-gedichten en plotse ontluikende poezie-talenten! Ik heb ervan genoten en jullie natuurlijk ook. Nog even geduld en vrijdag kom je hier te weten of je één van de winnaars bent! Alle deelnemers vind je hieronder. 1.Tika 2. Tania 3.Skorcica 4.Tessa 5.Ank 6. Patricia Van Wulpen 7. Hilde Groven 8. Rossichka 9. Sandybau 10. Laura Monedero 11. Heidi 12. Sigrid 13. Keanne Van de Kreeke (fb) 14. Eunice Peeters (fb) 15. Sabine de Bleecker (fb) 16. Godelieve Van Peteghem (fb) 17. Caroline van Laere (fb) 18. Maxime Bogaerts 19. Papa Lucien 20. Steffi Servaes (fb) VEEL GELUK!

April 5, 2011


[Eng]Welcome on my second Giveaway! One of these will be yours! The limited edition print or the tote bag.By leaving a comment on this post you are participating.The Giveaway will close in one week on Tuesday 8 pm Belgian time.Just answer my question in your comment: WHAT MEANS SPRING TO YOU? Don't forget your name and country. The winners will be announced on friday 15th of april. GOOD LUCK!!! This Giveaway is also announced on my Facebook, so those comments will be counted in too ********************************************************************************************************************************************* Welkom op mijn tweede 'GEEFWEGJE' :) Een van deze twee wordt de jouwe! Een gelimiteerde digitale en gesigneerde print of een katoenen tasje. Door gewoonweg een commentaar achter te laten onderaan deze post neem je deel. De Giveaway zal afgesloten worden volgende week dinsdag om 20 u. Antwoord gewoon op volgende vraag : WAT BETEKENT DE LENTE VOOR JOU? Vergeet je naam en woonplaats niet te vermelden. De winnaars worden bekendgemaakt op vrijdag 15 april. SUCCES!!! Ook via Facebook kan een reactie gegeven worden, die commentaren tellen dus ook mee!!

My exhibition is OPEN!

Het was zo goed!! Mensen van heinde en verre, sommige zag ik terug na een paar uren en dagen, andere na een paar jaar, nog andere na meer dan 10 jaar...dat deed me heel veel en laat me achter als een klein meisje met een reusachtig bonkend hart dat zich wil losrukken uit dat kleine lijf. Dank aan iedereen die erbij was! Onvergetelijk mooi! Dank aan iedereen die er niet kon bij zijn en me toch een berichtje naliet. Later op de dag kom ik aandraven met een Expo - Giveaway. Zo kunnen jullie nog een beetje deelnemen aan deze gebeurtenis...nu ja, IEDEREEN is welkom hoor!

It was overwhelming, all different people, some of them I saw back after days other after years and some after a decade. It gives me such a warm feeling, I'm so happy that I did this for all of them. I received so many sweet comments, honest words and thougts...I'm a little girl with a huge heart inside that wants to jump out into the blue! Unforgettable! Thanks to everyone who couldn't be here with me because of the distance and who left me a message or comment! You were in my thoughts and later today I will anounce my Expo - Giveaway, so you can still be part of this happening! Be welcome!

April 3, 2011


[Eng] Proudly I present you to my new doll Valentina. Born on Valentine and finished today. Happy to have her close to me. We spent the whole day together chatting and laughing, working very hard to finish every part of her...made a little moon for her...and she loves it!Tomorrow we will make a little ride together in my car...to the place where she will welcome all the visitors of my exhibition. I'll mis her and will be so happy to have her back home on the end of april! More details later next week :) Couldn't wait anymore to show you this shot...tell me your thought about it...
[Nl]Heel fier stel ik je voor aan Valentina, mijn nieuwe creatie. Geboren op Valentijnsdag en vandaag afgewerkt. Zo fijn haar dicht bij me te hebben.We brachten deze zondag samen door met gezellige babbels en gelach tijdens de afwerking van elk deeltje. Ik maakte haar nog een metalen maan en ze is er dol op! Morgen maken we samen een ritje naar de plek waar ze een maandlang iedere bezoeker van mijn tentoonstelling zal verwelkomen. Meer details van dichtbij post ik in de loop van volgende week:) Deze foto omdat ik niet langer kon wachten...wat denk je van het resultaat?

April 2, 2011

With the flow

Spring, everywhere flowers, sometimes too much wind, the little flowers are flying around...Dalí stays relaxed meanwhile I'm finishing the last frames, the last details for Valentina...made those little boots...still she need some legs, poor girl...and finally! my new cards...presented on the Dalí-belly :) Have a looooooooovely weekend. Next week a GIVEAWAY for all of you!

Be prepared and see you!!! x Kathy