September 30, 2013

My drawing room on monday

Always had the idea to take my bag with pencils and paper to my most favourite forest nearby.
And so I had a loooovely monday-afternoon...and I had some enchanted visit!

September 26, 2013

Into calligraphy...again

O O O !
I rediscovered an old love from me. He exists out of a pen and ink!
That's all...oh and he felt in love with my righthand by the way.
So we are the perfect team to go back to what I learned as a girl from 6 from my father.
I want to get used again with these materials and the writing and the letters itself and jumped into an online course thaught by the incredible Molly Jacques on Skillshare
In the past few weeks I was playing again with my pens and the black ink, how it feels, bringing the liquid drop to the paper and making lines, letters...looks like dancing!
And it feels just perfect!

September 17, 2013

Home is...

Since some weeks she is trying to hold all those memories, to keep them very close, to feel them every moment of the day. She is craving to everything that is far away at this moment. She wanted that she brought with her a little piece of Andes to keep and to care. It would be her treasure with all the memories in it. Not just cold granite.
'Home is where the mountain is' she whispered and she felt home.

Lucky I am

Dear friends,after arriving in the end of august back to my homeland Belgium I finally want to share some thoughts about the summer that passed, that moved me even more then other years. It was only one year ago that we went to Peru, but this time it hitted me again in such an enjoyable way! There is still so much to do, to see, to discover, to learn, to taste! There is no doubt that it is my future homeland :) Saying goodbye is always the hardest part but dreaming again and again, making new plans to return, to live there, thinking of our future and meanwhile living this life in his biggest way, although in this tiny country overhere! We can make it! I brought my bag of inspiration with me and I'm ready to jump into autumn, dark days, cold winds and drawing our future!
Welcome again!
How was your summer? 
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