November 30, 2009

The weekend-Blues / El Blues del fin de semana

Remembering last weekend. Seeing back some very good friends after so many time. These were two days full of love! Thanks Karin and Lieven, Mariangela and Manu and Det! It was LOVELY!!!

November 29, 2009

Never on time / Nunca en tiempo!

It's like my new sport. I wake up very early to start doing the most unpractical things on that moment of the day...until I look the watch and have to jump on my bicycle to arrive on time at the school where I am teaching. My way of having a diet may'be?

November 27, 2009

Zumba-hour / Hora de Zumba

I love to dance it, to move and forget one hour the flying days...It's my hour!

Me encanta bailar Zumba, mover y olvidar una hora la vida de todo los dias...Es mi hora!

November 26, 2009

2012 ?

One week ago we wanted to taste some Hollywood-garbage :), so we went to '2012'. I had a pleasant night watching this 'comedy'. Although there were some surrealistic moments in it that I still cannot this poor animal that 'humans' go transporting to the 'ark' to rescue most species of our dear planet...Imagine...
For me this is by far the most spectacular image of this too long movie!

November 24, 2009

Into Christmas-mood

Wanted to start making a Christmass-card and finished with this one. Still not what I want but the idea is growing...

Estaba intentando hacer una tarjeta para Navidad y obtuve este resultado, todavía no es lo que quería lograr pero la idea esta creciendo....

November 23, 2009

Mondaymorning-shower /

Waking up in a hurry, press the button for a cup of coffee while opening the shower and brushing my hair. Ready to fly into another new week...may'be colder then the last one, ready to stress...but I'm still sleeping .

Despertarse muy rapido, encender la cafetera mientras abro la llave de la ducha y seco mi cabello. Lista para una semana más... seguramente mas fria que la semana pasada, Lista para estresarme... y sigo durmiendo todavía.

November 22, 2009

Stormy weather / Entangled

She looks very sad but inside she is enjoying the horrible weather... . I really enjoyed drawing this one while the winds outside are yelling and knocking the walls of our warm inside with a good music in the background!

Ella parece muy triste pero por dentro está disfrutando este clima horrible. He disfrutado hacer este dibujo mientras que el viento afuera me atormenta golpeando contra los muros de la casa... Dentro de la casa es muy caliente con una musica de fondo!

November 20, 2009


Just came home with my first cd of Norah Jones. Her new album 'Fall'...with the marvellous song on it : Chasing Pirates...the beats making my mind racing also! Lovely!!!

He llegado a la casa recien con el nuevo cd de Norah Jones. Se llama 'Fall' / Otoño y me encanta la cancion ' Chasing Pirates' ...que me vuelvo loca de escucharla ...Magnifico!!!

November 19, 2009

Drawingplaces #1

Somewhere in the south on a weekend-vacation in our guestroom (home at Stein and Katleen, very nice for a short-stay!)...late in the evening...drawing
I love to draw in bed...inspiration is coming easily and it's always warm enough...

November 18, 2009

For a little girl / Para una niñita

Before the big summer I tried for the first time to make some drawing with different textiles on a little baby-shirt. This is my second try. I really like to do it although I'm not a marvellous stiching wonder...I love to do this and the little girl of 1 year for who I made it was crazy of it!

November 17, 2009

And the 2 winners are...

I wrote 42 names on red little papers and doubled them twice, bought a box for cookies and travelled to my little niece Liese. She has her very own free-style to select for this little Giveaway and she gave me twice very honestly two red papers straight to my hand. She is just soooo sweet and nice. To thank you all is a little movie!

ANDREA (Heredizante / Argentinia) AND KIM (Belgium)!!!!

My enthusiastic participants were/ Mijn enthousiaste deelnemers waren :
  1. Snezana
  2. Sophie Ysewyn
  3. Ank
  4. Steffi
  5. Ines
  6. Heidi
  7. Jessie
  8. Stefania
  9. Rita
  10. Glaucia de Barros
  11. Heredizante
  12. Zelda Zap
  13. Melissa
  14. Sandybau
  15. Manola
  17. Patricia González Palacios
  18. Distressing Delilah a.k.a. jenn
  19. Happy Ankale
  20. Kaili
  21. Jo
  22. Translucentblue
  23. Julius Milani
  24. Shirley
  25. Laura Monedero
  26. Peter H. Reynolds
  27. SuMendonça
  28. TJ Shay
  29. Fantazya
  30. Sigrid
  31. Karin
  32. Oona
  33. Vera
  34. Vanessa
  35. Kristina Feles
  36. Mariana Parotta
  37. Mariangela
  38. Marijke Z
  39. Kim
  40. Manuel en Det
  41. Peggy
  42. Thérèse

November 10, 2009


The Giveaway is closed

Here I am with my first Giveaway : look, choose, comment and WIN!
EL DIBUJO DEL GATO exists 1 year and today it's my 30th Birthday, 2 x reason to party so I will choose 2 winners!
Visit my gallery with drawings I selected for this little contest, choose your favourit and come back to THIS BLOG to post your comment and to tell me about that one drawing you really would like to have!
The Giveaway is open for one week and so you have time to post a comment until Monday 16th of november at 12pm, Peruvian time.
Don't forget to leave your name also!
GOOD LUCK to all of you and have fun!!!
Love Kathy
Tijd voor de eerste Giveaway : kijk, kies, vertel mij en win!
El Dibujo del Gato bestaat 1 jaar en vandaag is het ook mijn 30ste verjaardag, 2 x feest dus kan ik 2 winnaars kiezen!
Bezoek de galerij met enkele geselecteerde tekeningen, kies jouw favoriet en post een commentaar HIER ONDER DIT BERICHT met jouw keuze.
De Giveaway is een week open tot maandag 16 november middernacht, Peruaanse tijd!!!
Vergeet je naam niet te vermelden!
Veel geluk en fun aan iedereen!
Liefs Kathy
Aqui estoy con un 'GIVEAWAY' : mira, elige, comenta y GANA!
El Dibujo del Gato existe 1 año y hoy cumplo 30 años, 2 x fiesta!
asi que yo voy a elegir dos ganadores!
Visita mi galeria con dibujos que he elegido para este concurso, busca tu favorito y regresa a MI BLOG AQUI y cuentame cual te gustaria tener pronto contigo!
El concurso esta abierto durante una semana, hasta el lunes 16 de noviembre hasta las 12 de la noche, tiempo Peruano.
No olvides tu nombre!
MUCHA SUERTE a todos y disfrutalo!!!
Cariños Kathy

November 9, 2009

To blow out or not to blow out?

Is it necessary to blow out that last candle, she is thinking ;), that will mean 'becoming very old'. It's only one day of difference and in one second my age will change. Oh yes, she will blow out! I'm sure of it!

Tengo que apagar esta velita, esta pensando la gatita. Eso significa ' volverte más vieja'. Es no mas un dia de differencia y en un segundo mi edad sube! Pero si! Seguro ella va a apagar su velita! Por que no!

November 8, 2009

Coloured forests / Bosques coloreados

As you can see in my drawing...we enjoyed our trip very much and we revived again! Coloured forests in all kinds of reds, oranges, yellows and greens we're passing in front of us. I hardly never draw cars, and look this one :)! Polski Fiat or Mini Cooper...doesn't matter, nice car beneath the lovely trees!
Como pueden ver en mi dibujo... hemos disfrutado mucho de nuestro viajecito y hemos recargado baterias otra vez! bosques coloreados en diferentes tonos de rojo, naranja, amarillo y verde ante nuestra vista. Casi nunca dibujo un auto y mira ahora :)! Polski Fiat o Mini Cooper ... no imorta, es un autito bonito bajo los maravillosos árboles

November 6, 2009

The taste of weekend / El sabor de un fin de semana

I'm off for this weekend...relaxing, walking and enjoying little Belgian nature! Nice weekend and see you all back next week!

Tomo una vaccacion bien chiquito para relajar, caminar y disfrutar la naturaleza Belga! Bonita fin de semana a todos y hasta la proxima semana!

Dreaming of mountains / Soñando de las montañas

I started again very impulsively and it seems that my inner-kathy likes girls who are watching to high above or looking like dreaming for hours. These one also is already dreaming of a little weekend-trip to the south of our country...there where the hills look like mountains :).
One day of workshops more and then finally time for a little vacation!

November 4, 2009

Skinny bird

Without thinking of a skinny dreaming girl I drawed this one...she is looking the way I'm feeling...absent, although I enjoyed drawing her birdy dress ;)

November 3, 2009


It' s blog exists one year and I totally forgot that anniversary while being very busy this week. I promised to draw every day one drawing and I know very well that it wasn't always possible to do so...anyway, I feel that I'm exploring much more of myself by this way and I'm really enjoying it also.
Time is going so fast, live is running so hard and all we try to live this life so good! I want to thank you all who loves my drawings and all those peoples I met in the last year by this blog so next tuesday, on my own 30th-oh-no-my-god-I-want-to-stay-little-girl-Birthday :), I will organize some giveaway on this blog.

Hope by that way we can celebrate all together no matter how far we live from eachother...a lot of bubbles and glasses and nice drawings of course. Hope to see you next week over here to participate and to win an ' El dibujo del gato - drawing'!!!

Thank you so much for all the support and wishes and nice words trough this year, that give me the power to draw 'almost' every day and to share it with many other wonderful souls!

Love, Kathy
p.s : Yep, and so this is me for everyone who still didn't knew the girl behind the 'cat' ;), I greet you very honestly and just can say : THANK YOU!

November 2, 2009


Meanwhile giving a workshop this morning I did this little experiment...didn't finish it, but there's something why I want to share it with all of you ...please! :)