January 31, 2013

Welcome La famille Victor

We can come out with our treasure.

La famille Victor started selling and is still launching.
The little books are ready to order in the first shops : De stoffenkamer, Bambiblauw and Stoffenidee 
Our Facebook-page is growing and booming, feel welcome to follow our steps together with that special family. We are so proud to present them all to you.
The website will be launched very soon and the first sewing fans started their project!
Let's inspire each one of us!

All the books that we start selling now are in Dutch, the version in english, french and german will come up later! So if you want to wait for that version I suggest that you can make us already very happy with a VOTE!

How to vote?

La famille Victor is still in competition with 9 other finalists in the Boost Belgium contest of Belfius. 
We are now 6th. So please, with all your votes, a vote a day!, you can really help us to may'be a4th place or 3rd or even higher? :) 
MAKE A ClICK on the button STEMMEN (voting) and connect with your Facebook or LinkedIN-account
and so you gave us your vote for today. Still 17 days to go. 

Thank you so!
Isabelle Finet, Katrien Annys and myself!

January 10, 2013

365 project # Month 1 / A CAT A DAY

Hum! My first 365-blogpost. Here he is..2 drawings of my hero! There is one little problem. Because the nights aren't that cold this little hero leaves every night until the morning, enters at 6 o'clock and disappears for the whole day in a box in our basement. He loves that life for now...
Winter must come finally so that I can have at least 21 drawings of this little sweet monster.
Any suggestions for next month are welcome.
Please no living and stubborn objects  ;)

January 7, 2013

Copenhagen Christmas 2012

We spent Christmas in Copenhagen this year. Last year we entered 2012 on the isle of Texel in the north of The Netherlands, next year it's possible we will fly to Boston ;)
Copenhagen is so fresh! Not only the temperature but the people, traffic, interiors, public places. 
A very different style of living, must be the scandinavian way. 
We can learn a lot from that style...don't know where to begin!
Here some links to taste the more then delicious Danish design and art!
Dream away!!!
Photos: Javier Huerta Pedreros

January 6, 2013

La famille Victor

In september I started to draw for a very new project. 
It's all about one family, the family Victor or La famille Victor. 
All the stories about them are coming together in little books and every story is conected to a sewing pattern. So you could call it a sewing-soap :)
I was asked by the family to be their illustrator and of course I hadn't to think twice about this question ;)
There is the family and of course WE who bring them all to life!
 Isabelle Finet ( creator of the family), Katrien Annys (graphic designer and creative owner of Jacques Books) and I.
Half january the website will be launched and after that the books will be start to travel to the shops all over!
We are ready to release our treasures!
You are very welcome to follow our last steps to the final release on our Facebook page / LA FAMILLE VICTOR.

Cross your fingers!
We are ready to jump!

January 5, 2013

13 months in 2013?

My calendar 2012 is definitively finished...the last page is used...2013 pulled him away and we are already 5 days ago.  5 days of thinking what I want to reach, dream or do in this new year, on this new page.
Never love white pages, but the beginning of a new year feels like that and it fascinates me. It feels like doiing it all over, but better then before, like receiving a new life...what went wrong last year will not pass anymore on your way, and so on. Also it  looks like we have soooo much time to do anything we still dream of, 12 months, looks like a lifetime!
 Funny, let's see what this year will bring, don't like to plan to much and want to get out the maximum of every day!
Watch my board on Pinterest / Inspirational words and you'll know what I mean!

Enjoy the great atmosphere that my friend ILSE can catch with her camera
and see more images on her BLOG

January 2, 2013


Hope they will love the idea to create their own winterlight....the kids who will join the workshop in the Plantin Moretus museum in Antwerp.
The theme of the workshop is : A city caught in light
With all kind of papers they will create their own city-with our without monsters :)-to run homeward very happy and put in a little candle to enjoy the scenery.
Much better then wathever on the tv no?

Page 2013! Happy New Year!

A new year, new ideas, new inspiration...want to draw every month another subject, every day one drawing!
El dibujo del gato...that's easy! 
Let's start with my little sweetie, Dalí...every day a new drawing of a CAT / GATO
Every thursday you can expect 7 drawings out of my sketchbook...
2012 was lovely, hard, emotional and very full...so to let live my lovely blog I will feed him with enough drawings this year! Welcome to support!
...and a very happy and creative 2013!