June 30, 2010

A treasure

My father found these little and very old pastels somewhere hidden in his house. I almost went crazy seeing this little wonders. They still work although they aren't that 'soft' anymore. I just want to save them from the hungry fingers of my little niece...she would made mishmash of it ;)

June 27, 2010

Printed animals

Some results from a new workshop I gave recently for a birthday-party. The childrens invent a kind of monster/animal, good, bad, ugly or nice, whatever, work them out in cutted materials, from paper to plastic and so many more, materials with some special texture. We bring on ink on the whole plate and print them on the huge and very original printing press that served Mr. Plantin and from who you can find books spread over the whole world! So exciting to do this with kids.

June 26, 2010

Back in time

I think it's not the meaning of this blog to put pictures of myself...but in this case I guess I can share this one with the world. Today it's like one year ago, that we were travelling to Perú for two months. It was the first time we ( my husband and I) flew together to his country after all the other flights that we made alone...me, flying to Peru, he, coming to Belgium and so on.
It was one of the best vacations of my life, really vacation! Seeiing back the family after more then 2 years for me and exploring the north of the country. Oh, I wish I was flying...this picture made me even crying...how I miss those landscapes, that family...that spirit!
Anyway, summer is now here and I can find back my smile to go on and dream of 'my' mountains. I have to be happy, we have everything...and most important : there is LOVE in the air

June 25, 2010

A new toy

Very proud to present you my newborn baby :). It weights not one pound and has 12 wonderful coloured little eyes that are staring me with such a hunger to explore the huge world around. It's called Schmincke Horodam. I'm so happy to start the summer with this lovely 'toy'! It is actually a gift from my huge love....what a gift, what a love! ;) Happppppyyyyyyy!!!

June 21, 2010

Stamped wonders

Another day in the museum making stamps with kids from 6-7 years old. It was really delightful on this briljant, shiny and sunny day! They were all so happy with the results and their teachers too...that's making my day!

June 20, 2010

On the way to...

While drawing Balrog I made this picture...because the way to a result is even more important then the result itself no? While giving my lessons to the kids on the academy I'm always taking pictures while they are working and creating! That tells us so much about 'exploring'.
If I see a cat now I'm dreaming to make a portret of him/her like I did with this 4 angels...I'm enchanted I guess!

Olimpia Jr.

This little Olimpia Jr. is the last in a set of 4. She acts still like a kid and she can open the wardrobe and closes them afterwards, that way nobody can find her ;)
These cats will have their future life as a gift on the wedding day of my very good friend Laura in Madrid. I very curious for the results of the coasters that will be made of it! I really enjoyed making them and I'm sure these were not the only cats I portraited. There are so many famous cats in my life I want to give a life on paper with my watercolors! So if you have some wish? ;)

June 17, 2010


Finally every cat can be portraited like Olimpia. All of them they behave like a princess or even king. Dreaming and sleeping is their major occupation...and their food will be served and legs will be prepared well to take a nap.
(This is something crazy! Without remembering that Manet (Édouard) painted one day his Olympia too...I made this drawing. Thanks to Roberto! to remind me of that! It's so significant...the composition is quite similar...Olympia resting on her pillow, only my Olimpia is dressed :))) It made me so happy...and now this drawing means still more to me!
Muchas gracias Roberto!
This is why I love every comment that arrives on this blog...Thanks to all of you to share every day your thoughts with me and my creations!)

June 16, 2010


Love to draw these animals and to try catching their soul. You cannot believe how I was drawing this one. With Toulouse ( the already famous neighbour-cat) on my legs and with a back that was hurting me. But the most important in a cat's lover-life : if the cat is comfortable, everybody is happy ;)

June 15, 2010


Nubia ( or Cloud in english, named to the cloudpeople in Egypt) is one of the lovely cats of our good friend Laura in Madrid. I will draw all her cats in some way with an interest of her and her future husband. Laura loves to dance flamenco, so Nubia seemed the best cat to pull on that riple dress... Those drawings will be transform into coasters. That will be a little gift to all the invited friends and family on her wedding day in the beginning of July! Exciting! You will see them all!

June 14, 2010

My puppet

Here he is...uuuf had to search very deep into all my archives... I made the puppet, shoes, head, guitar...and the little white costume that Goran Bregovic wears like always on every concert was made by a good friend/neighbour. That teamwork made this wonder...I'm still happy to see this photo...and my fingers are yelling to start again making puppets! :)
I will not tell you what I did to bring this picture into the hands of Mr. Bregovic themself! Even Emir Kusturica saw this picture somewhere in Croatia ;)))

June 13, 2010

A midsummer night's dream

Pictures : Marc Maillard (Theater FroeFroe)

My weekend was so FULL but unforgettable.
For the first time I could enjoy a production from Theater Froe Froe: Midsummer Night's Dream

"Froe froe is known for its strange mixture of dolls, figures, objects, video, actors and music. The performances contain humour and horror, poetry and rock ‘n’ roll for young and old. Froe froe makes impressions, concoctions and brings puppets alive as you have never seen on stage before.

Between "Little Red Riding Hood" and “Macbeth” there lies nothing but a little sigh of air…

Every new project is a quest for fresh and original theatre, full of emotion, poetry, tension and diversion.

Cool and crazy theatre that sparkles!!!"

See for more info on froefroe.be

If you want to see more work of the puppetmakers themselves go to this link!

Myself, I am very crazy of making puppets...once I made a Goran Bregovic for the marriage of friends.
If I find that picture I will post it above!;) Now I can look forward to follow someday a workshop with these inceredible creators!

June 9, 2010


Finally!!! Here it last only 3 weeks and the huge summervacation can start! First we thought to travel a bit here in Europe but my husband can't quit his job, so I had to put our dreams into the refrigerator and so finally I can make work of my own website!
That looks quite exciting to start the summer with. It can rain for me the whole summer, that way I stay inside and work on it so that I cannot be called by my flowers out there! ;)
The plan is...that kathydewit.be will be active from the 1st of august!
Hope to welcome you there too!

June 7, 2010


This cat looks very happy laying in the Foxglove - flower however this one is very toxic.
I even didn't put it in my garden, it blew in and actually I'm very proud of it...it's such a nice thing to watch!

June 6, 2010


My gardenflowers are growing so fast due to the 'bad' weather. We've had lots of rainy days untill now althoug worth to take some shoots of my growing wonders.Every shield-shaped leave of the Nasturtium holds in the centre one raindrop, it's so poetic and immediatly dreamed to draw something like this :)

June 5, 2010

Little memory

A lovely memory to keep alive. My little niece totally surprised with the visit of her neighbour-friends who are coming to greet her every evening...before she travels to dreamland.
Hope you had a lovely weekend too!

June 4, 2010

A new breeze

By visiting the blog of Karo I found a terrific link to the site of Jonathan Woodward : zero2illo. Every aspiring illustrator or graphic designer can participate in this project to make work of that 'dream' we all have! The challenge started like 8 weeks ago but you can sign-up whenever you want and just start NOW, like I will do! I'm still discovering this place and started on my first week with some very useful tasks. Behind the whole challenge is building up a community of illustrator-souls...and by sharing our experiences we can help eachother closer to being a fulltime illustrator and to make finally work of some very important steps to accomplish before living that dream also Jonathan had since decades. Take a look and sign up...the tasks are just soooo usefull and secure.

"The time for procrastination, self-doubt and style hang-ups is over – it’s now time to get going and start working towards my dream career as an illustrator…and I’d like to invite you to join me."
Jonathan Woodward

June 3, 2010

Under the Ivy

Yes, I am a huge fan of Kate...Kate Bush...every song of her takes me by the throat...and those 80's were golden years, being a child and dicovering this life. Here is my interpretation of 'Under the Ivy'. The one you are listening...
Made this drawing in the last sunlight of this day and I enjoyed it!

June 1, 2010


Since some years I don't have a cat of my own...but since we live here I made a very good friend. This is Toulouse again, the cat of the neighbours, who visits me almost every day and wants to see everything that I create. So I thought, it's time for a fotoshoot of my little earrings, took my Peruvian cup as background and started making pictures. Toulouse added her idea on my pics...in a while she started to roll and almost take up the cup...oh my! What did she liked on that moment? The cup, the earrings or just beiing in some sunshine with all the attention pointed to her!
About making this pics : I used the free software Poladroid. You can easily download it HERE and transferring all your pics into polaroids! The fun of it also is you have to shake your pics on your desktop and so the colours will change more red or green and so on! FUN!