June 12, 2012

Me and my heaven

These places aren't my heaven at all...this is where I live most of the days right now...between Sint-Pauwels and Antwerp. But the clouds, those heavens can lift me up from one moment and make me start dreaming over other places in this world. We are so lucky to be able to imaginate! :)

June 4, 2012

The knitted week

 My Edelweiss is growing in our little garden! Don't know why but I couldn't leave this little plant in the gardencenter last time. It has something weird...is it a flower or a succelent or may'be it will grow as a tree? We will see! Meanwhile I'm finishing this schoolyear and also my course 'Making Books'. So finishing my last projects with the little time I have and here a little view of the cover I designed for a book named 'Ou est- ce?', a book about all lovely places, natural parcs, monuments and things in this world. I tried to embroider the title. I'm a newby! Last saturday I surrounded myself again with more nature and more yarn! In the garden of Hanna we came together to knit with a group of girls. Anna-Denise brought us together on an Etsy Lab and with the help of Emilie and Johanna we started our little knit-project! Oooooh, this place, that energy, those people and that atmosphere gave me so much inspiration to start knittig again after years!
Thank you so girls! And Brussels is truly a very beautiful place full of creativity!
It was sooooooo nice and knitty!