December 27, 2010


Holiday time! So again time for other things then preparing lessons or giving workshops, running for my train, laughing with the kids and creating together with them. Time for myself, although...started this little piece that will be a gift for a newborn little girl in NYC. As you can see I'm assisted by my little black one, Dalí :) He's not very helpful and not so critical...he likes everything I do if he can lay down somewhere around me. Such a sweet little pie!

December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

(A Peruvian angel came down to earth)
Vrolijk kerstfeest -Feliz Navidad-Wesolych Swiat -Joxeux Noel - God Jul...and the most spectacular wishes in Andes-words by the Quechua language! :)
Sumaj kausay kachun Navidad ch'sisipi &
Mosoi Watapi Sumaj kausaykachun

(Our first Christmas table after living here almost 3 years...finally Christmas at home)

December 22, 2010

Sending out Christmas!

Preparing my cards to send into the wide world! Happy I've made it before Christmas :)

December 20, 2010

The north

This isn't Belgium, but just some 200 km to the north from where we live. We went for a little weekend to Amsterdam and his surroundings, like this incredible lovely fisherman's town Nieuwendam. I felt in love with it!!! I imagined I was walking in an even more northern village like I discovered one day in Norway!!! This is so close and so different! Amsterdam is just breathtaking in wintertime!

December 8, 2010

Preparing color!

Some while ago I made this little white figures out of airdrying-clay with cookie-cut-outs of Ikea. :) We are coming into Christmas-mode/mood, so I prepared them to hang into the tree.
Dalí can't turn off his curiosity of all those things and worser...the tree with all kind of things in it!
Also a detail of the wonderful table runner my love brought it as a gift for me from his country. I'm in love with it...such kind of creativity!!! The green box is another gift since years from Tynni and I thought it's made in the Asian world. That's the best needle and thread-box in my world! :)

December 5, 2010

Kids and creativity

oooh, hardly can find some time to draw...meanwhile want to show you what my kids are doing in the academy. Visit my other blog HERE to see more of those 'little BIG artists'

December 2, 2010


Let this be my christmas-edition into my Kató-shop on
Time to start designing christmas cards, go searching a lovely tree, bringing the atmospehere to our house...the last month of 2010. Let's enjoy these days like never before!