April 18, 2011

Preparing to send

Taking my time to decorate my mail for the two winners of the Giveaway, Keanne and Maja (Skorcica). Thinking about my Etsy shop that will be born in the beginning of may...I will love to send out my things and creations. Such a wonderful feeling they will live in another atmosphere.
♥ It's the sunny weather that is driving my crazy I guess. ENJOY!
btw! DISCOVER the heart-nuts in the last picture...a little gift from Dounia and Nisrine, two lovely girls who came to visit my expo and made these treasures for me. They have a very creative mum, Ilse, who is a photographer and since a while a blogger too :)

1 comment:

rossichka said...

Dear kathy, I'm impressed by the love and pleasure you prepared your gifts with! This speaks so much of you!:)