March 19, 2012

Dolls from paper and love

Dear friends,
I'm still alive, still.
These months I'm feeling like doing the best to not drown in the bath of work and deadlines. I'm doing the best I can, I'm enjoying the work I do but my mental mood and spirit is suffering a bit.
The best thing is that I really love my different jobs, just combining all of them can take sometimes too much energy. Look, I'm drawing paperdolls inspired on images made in the 17th century. Love to do that and sure  if you know that soon kids will can take their piece of paperdoll-paper in the museum and go colouring and cutting the dolls designed by me. Soon more, and also about that globe of Mercator.
Promise you to don't stay away too long from my beloved blog. Have to tell so much more!
Don't forget this place, I'm still here on the globe :)
You too I hope!


rossichka said...

Dear Kathy,
I always visit your blog,though not commenting regularly. I understand that you are busy, no need to explain or apologize! I feel, maybe, in the same way - too many projects and a lot of work at one and the same time - acting, holding workshops, writing a paper, preparing a project for children... And nearly in everything - together with my husband, so sometimes it's a real, "double" mess at home - puppets, costumes, papers, scissors, bags, full of "treasures"!...
I wish you a lot of energy, inspiration and time for yourself (like the concert in Holland)! I find the project with the maps amazing and the costume drawings - a wonderful task for you and the children!
We'll keep in touch!x

roberto M. said...

Ja Ja Kathy me haces reir :D:D:D
todos tenemos nuestros períodos de mucho trabajo, de agotamiento mental, de cansancio corporal. no debes preocuparte por ello, Yo te entiendo porque a mí, también me gusta hacer todo, y todo creo que lo puedo hacer. pero el que nos hace volver a poner los piés sobre la tierra es el reloj, y nuestro cuerpo. Es una promesa vendré a menudo!!!!!!
Yo siempre vengo y además te tengo a un costado de mi blog, así que cuando tú haces una entrada, inmdiatamente yo estoy aquí.
Buena semana para los tres!!!!!
bellísimas tus muñecas!!!!