September 28, 2010

Home Grown-Gato-Grapes

So proud to present you this bowl of little wonders made by nature. The first time I can eat my own grapes...small they are but sweet enough to make me happy and...hopefully they bring me back to the same old Kathy without any flue.

Sorry that my posts are coming lately, I'm resourcing myself, thinking about how to survive the coming winter ;)...organizing all my dreams and ideas.
Looking forward to sunday to find some peaceful moments of drawing.

Don't forget the little cat ;)

1 comment:

d'Ank said...

Verzorg je goed!
B E T E R S C H A P, meid!
Zo'n schaaltje cadeau van de natuur kan wonderen doen.
Een middagje tuinieren deed dat net ook met mij;-)
Vele groetjes.