July 25, 2011

They draw and travel

My contribution for the contest of the sister site of They Draw and Cook ------>They Draw and travel. Since ages I wanted to draw the homeland of my husband with all those treasures...and still I didn't putted them all on it...but it's the beginning may'be of more maps ;)
You can leave a comment for my drawing on their website and take a look to all the other illustrated maps!


rossichka said...

Hello, Kathy! Your map is adorable! If all maps were like this one ...:-) It was so interesting to look at every detail. Yes, it's a good idea to draw some more maps in order to introduce to us the beauties of Peru! Good luck in the contest!

Tania said...

Oh Kathy, it turned out beautiful ! I had been anxiously waiting for it, carefully checking my e-mails from They draw & travel. Then today there it was, it brought back so many memories of my visit to the Callejon de Huaylas. I left a comment on the sight. Hope you win !

Kathy De Wit said...

@ Rossichka : You make my days always so shining with your nice comments. Don't think they doesn't touch me...all the time you make me happy and I'm so glad with all your helpfull ideas. Send you a very big hug and hear you soon ;)
@ Tania : While I was drawing I had to think of you! Both we care this country deep inside of us and I want to thank you for all the support you gave me. Participating is even more important then win...but who doesn't want to be a winner once in a lifetime!? :)))
Un beso muy graaaaande!


roberto M. said...

Bellísimos los rostros de las cholas (perdón si en Perú no se llaman cholas, aquí les llamamos así) hacía un tiempo que no venía por aquí, Kathy. no debo dejar de venir, jaja.

Unknown said...

Love your map! Looks soo darn great!!!

rossichka said...

Dear Kathy, you warmed my heart - I didn't expect such friendly words! Thank you!xox