July 10, 2011


If you were wondering where I was hanging out or what I was drawing in the meanwhile? Here is the answer. My Peruvian parents-in-law arrived to Belgium last week and I was very busy showing them this little piece of Europe. Every day is a new adventure and also for me it's a kind of experience seeiing my country through their eyes. We are heaving a briljant time together but I can't get myself to my drawingtable these days. After this first week Belgium, time to discover more of Europe! VAMOS!


rossichka said...

It's nice you are feeling so enthusiastic about discovering the beauties of Belgium! Have a lovely new week with your relatives and thank you for taking us with you on the journey!:)

Jess said...

It's looks as though you're having wonderful time, great pictures! When I go to other countries in Europe I come back home and see my own country through different eyes. I expect you'll return, raring to get going with your drawng again!xx