October 21, 2013

Wild of letters

Did I told you that handlettering and calligraphy are fascinating me again after decades!
Soon I'm giving a first little workshop and this chalkboard I've made is just a note to ask something from my participatnts. Thought that would inspire them ;)
After joining an online workshop by Molly Jacques about modern calligraphy and one by Sean McCabe on digitizing handlettering I went totally wild and nobody will stop me!
I'm looking forward to one given by Jessica Hische about composing letterforms and if you feel something like...mmm, that's interesting, just join the courses in Skillshare!
If you would love to join, just ask me a link and you can join any course half price!
Soon, I'm travelling to Lugano! Also for the letters!
More about it later on.
 Photo: Javier Huerta

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