January 2, 2015

Type to table

Once I bought a table to be my drawing table upstairs in my little room that would be named my studio. After some years that table looked like one big mess and it was defenitely time to bring some change in our house. And that was very easy being pregnant of twin girls and realizing they needed a room for them, to play, to laugh, to be together, to smile and have fun...and to sleep!
So the table had to move and the best destination she could get was the living room. A table to eat on, to chat, to laugh, to share stories. The girls entered our lives and now after three months I feel myself ready to start a huge challenge. That table looks like one big chalkboard and that is exactly what I want to do with it. Using to write on it. In my letters. Quotes, that must be a good exercise to write enough letters. And I want to write every day one quote! I have to search 365 quotes together or better, I ask people to send me their favourite ones and I can letter for them, may'be for a daughter or son his birthday, or for a special occasion in their lives? Let's start this challenge!

You can follow this adventure on INSTAGRAM/typetotable
and also send my your quote(s)!
It's quite exciting for me and you will see, to find your quote lettered on my table, that feels good too ;)
SEND YOUR QUOTE TO kathydewit@gmail.com, tell me if you want to see them on a special date and I will realize your little dream.
Thank you so much for supporting me and my fascination for letters!
 The black magic table where it will happen every day
 The material I will use to letter, chalk brushes.
The first quote of the year.

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