July 19, 2012

Find me in Perú!

I'm off. Because time came finally to leave that little Belgium for my second homeland Perú.
Of course this blog wasn't that alive but I can tell you that I'm reloading here at full speed. Every day is a gift here and I'm absolutely enjoying these days and the nextcoming weeks it will not be different!
In september I will be totally back here, so meanwhile I will try to give you some little tasty pictures from this world. Have a wonderfull vacation if its also your turn :)
x, Kathy


rossichka said...

Dear Kathy, you were longing so much for Peru, that you must be happy now! It's nice that you'll have a looong vacation there and I wish you to have splendid moments and new discoveries, to meet lots of love and inspiration!
I know what you mean saying "pictures from this world"! After being in Kenya and some weeks ago in Portugal (did you see my photos?), and in a small village in our Rhodope Mountains, I know for sure that each and every new place is a completely different world, especially when you meet different culture, habits, nature and way of living... Be Happy!!:))))

roberto M. said...

Ahora tú estás más cerca!!!!
Casí el mismo cielo que veo por mi ventana, y no creo que mucha diferencia horaria.
Disfruta y descansa, Perú es un país que debo ir a conocer, mis hijas han estado allí y por supuesto me han contado lo bello que es!!!!
Nos vemossssssss
saludos a tu esposo!!!!
¿Y Dalí??????????????????????